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Beautiful Chongwe River House

A truly authentic African safari is in demand by an increasing amount of discerning world travellers. What better way to get this than to rent your own private house in the middle of Zambia, very wild Africa? As the trend for more personal travel experiences rise, as world travellers become more and more eco aware and as the luxurious travel market expands it’s a good time to jump on this bandwagon. There are six private safari houses in Zambiaand one of them is Chongwe River House (Lower Zambezi). Zambia’s Lower Zambezi is renowned throughout Africa for its magnificent herds of wild elephant, exceptional predator viewing and of course the Zambezi River.
Chongwe River House sleeps eight in four spacious ensuite bedrooms, with its own pool and deck in a great bush location overlooking the Chongwe River, making an ideal safari base for a family or a group of friends wanting a private safari. Many animals come to the Chongwe River to drink and from the deck the game viewing can be as good as any safari activity.
Chongwe-River-House-1 Chongwe-River-House-2 Chongwe-River-House-3 Chongwe-River-House-4 Chongwe-River-House-5 Chongwe-River-House-6 Chongwe-River-House-7 Chongwe-River-House-8 Chongwe-River-House-9 Chongwe-River-House-10 Chongwe-River-House-11 Chongwe-River-House-12 Chongwe-River-House-13 Chongwe-River-House-14


  1. Peggy Rathbun :

    NOPE! Not for me! When I want to be outside, I will go outside! When I want to feel safe from snakes and bugs, I want to be really inside a cozy home with a fireplace and the smell of fresh bread within my walls. A tree house is not for me, nor a river house worrying about what crawled under my bed while I was sleeping, no ~ no ~ no, the very thought gives me chills!

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