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Craftsman Has Make a Difference Tour

Craftsman Make A Difference Tour is coming up April 27. The Craftsman brand and Craftsman Club, a part of the Shop Your Ways Network, are hitting the open road this summer to inspire Americans to open their tool boxes and start working with their hands, all while making a wonderful difference in communities all across the country. A 36-foot trailer and truck will be traveling state to state, filled with various Craftsman brand tools and will stop at many towns to help create and rebuild homes for military veterans, those affected by natural disasters, and local community restoration projects

Scheduled tour stops include St. Louis, Chicago, Sturgis, South Dakota, and Minneapolis.“We believe all Americans can build, create and shape their worlds, from the smallest of home projects to the tallest of buildings. And, we enjoy the pride in seeing our passion for making come to life,” said Michael Castleman, president, Kenmore, Craftsman and DieHard and senior vice president, Sears Holdings. “For 86 years, the Craftsman brand has provided quality tools that are made to make. The Craftsman ‘Make a Difference’ Tour brings the desire of making to life, by mobilizing Craftsman Club members and local volunteers to make a difference in communities across the country.”

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