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DIY- Giant Monopoly Board Painted on Floorboards

When you strip the carpets, you usually find a lot of dust and the odd bit of loose change that you lost decades ago. But one homeowner found a whole lot more when he ripped up his old carpet – a giant, hand painted Monopoly board. This is probably the last thing you expect to find when undertaking some property DIY.
Monopoly board-diy-Every home needs its own version of the classic board game, but most of them you can pack away and store in the cupboard when you’re done. Reddit / Nnewel A man pulled up the carpet at his home and found a giant Monopoly Board. The home’s previous owner had painstakingly painted the entire board onto the floorboards underneath the carpet.

Monopoly board-diy-1There are accurate colours for the different tiles, and the game’s famous squares such as Free Parking and Go To Jail have been recreated. Judging by the snaps a lot of the boards have not been filled in although you can make out Change, an unnamed station and the dreaded Income Tax square.

Monopoly board-diy-2

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