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DIY- House made out of wood and windows

In 2012, somewhere within the vast forests of West Virginia, Lilah Horwitz, and her boyfriend Nick Olson uit their jobs to build a cabin in the West Virginia mountains. In only a few months, the couple erected their own private cabin in the woods to support their newly unemployed lifestyle. Plenty of natural sunlight isn’t an unusual quality of a dream home. But what about a home built completely of glass so the light would never be hidden?
Most of the windows the couple collected were found or scavenged, Olson said. Some were purchased, but not many. The first the couple found was in a big stack of old windows at an abandoned barn in Pennsylvania.
DIY-House-1When they had collected enough glass, the two began constructing the cabin on the Olson credits an artistic vision and frugality with their success. After months of work, the home was completed in December. On what was once a pile of old windows and a patch of wooded land stood a beautiful glass-faced building. Though there is no plumbing or electricity, the two artists said they enjoy the space as an escape.

DIY-House-2Someday Olson and Horwitz hope to build onto the home and add an outdoor kitchen, solar power and a wood-burning stove, they said. But for now, the Milwaukee-based couple said, they’ll enjoy the home as a picturesque retreat.

DIY-House-3The couple chose this specific location as homage to their first date, where Olson brought Horwitz to watch the sun set over the West Virginia mountains. The front wall of their cabin is constructed entirely out of old windows, permeating the tiny home with bright, airy vibes and a repertoire of infinite sunsets. The rest of the structure is a product of repurposed wood from a nearby abandoned barn.

DIY-House-4The whole project only took Horwitz and Olson a few months and a shoestring budget of $500 to complete—given there’s no electricity or plumbing and the land is owned by Olson’s family allowing them a drastic price reduction.

DIY-House-5Today, that gamble seems to have paid off: their cabin sits in the exact spot where they first discussed building it. However, while the interior of the cabin is like almost any other, a mix of old wooden furniture and more modern decorations, the front facade – is anything but.

DIY-House-6The west-facing facade is made entirely of window pieces, stitched together; Olson and Horwitz wanted to be able to capture every inch of the sunset, without having to limit their view to the confines of a single window.


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