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Top 20 Most Beautiful She Shed Designs

If you think sheds are only meant for lawn mowers and tools, think again. A wave of interest in creative use of outdoor space has been flowing through social media and inspiring homeowners to transform traditional sheds into backyard getaways. Known as a “she shed,” these personalized structures let women to reclaim their own space and expand their home’s square footage without a major renovation. Ready to craft our own personal she shed escape? Decide what you want to use your shed for and what material you want your shed to be made of before you head to the store. The most popular kinds of sheds are those made from wood and premade metal buildings. Once you have your vision, check out our she shed styling list below.

She-Shed-  “She ShedThere is a renewed interest in reclaiming backyard space as a living environment,” said Elizabeth Moody, The Home Depot’s Shed Merchant. “Like patios, sheds provide a space for atmosphere and personalization, and women across the country are showing amazing creativity in making these spaces a place for personal retreat.”She-Shed-2The real beauty of this trend is that you can decorate and use the space as you please. From nooks to craft stations, she sheds can be fashioned to fit any interest. But, how do you go from an everyday shed to a DIYer’s dream she shed? It’s all in the decorative finishes.

She-Shed-3“With trim packages and decorative door options, it’s easy to pick the right structure basics,” said Elizabeth. “From there, it’s all about finishes, like flooring, paint, shed exteriors and furniture, that can be designed by any DIYer – experienced or not.”








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She-Shed-24  She-Shed-26


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